• Thank you for attending the 45th High School Reunion on July 22-23, 2017. Many thanks to our reunion leader Jim O'Rourke and the committee.
  • A classmate directory pdf is available for sale from Jim Ratchford who keeps our database. Go to Buy CD Directory page. These will be sent after September 1, 2017. Classmates may contact Hale72@JRatchford.com or 405-470-0000 to update their contact information or remove contact information by August 15, 2017.  
  • A list of Who Came to the 45th reunion has been updated if you can't remember who was there.
  • Sadly, we have already added classmates to our In Memoriam page since the reunion. We must have a death notice/obituary to post here.
  • Remember if you are coming thru Tulsa or live within a drive that there are monthly dinners of classmates at local restaurants and sometimes in homes. Sandra Jinkens emails those who are interested. Please let us know if you want to be added to her email list. Some are co-ed and some are ladies only. 
  • ​We will try to keep the Find Classmates list updated. If you run into someone or hear about someone please let us know. You are our best resources in keeping up our database!
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